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Expect to pay a premium to hire Chris Poynter. You'll be glad you did! Chris Poynter's prices are a reflection of his experience, expertise, equipment, flexibility, and the high quality production-level service he provides. He doesn't sell himself by painting an inflationary picture of his business, but instead, strives to show you exactly who he is and what he can do, supported by a large variety of real life examples such as photos, videos, and live mix demonstrations. Clients who book Chris Poynter are booking him because they know him.

While every event generally has its own unique needs, and are thus priced accordingly, here are some averages you can expect to pay: 


$2500 (minimum); $3500 (average)


$1500 (minimum); $2000 (average)

AV Service

$500 (minimum); $2000 (average)

School Dance

$800 (minimum); $2000 (average)

Community Event

$1000 (minimum); $1500 (average)

Things that can influence the cost include the date of your event, location / venue, number of hours, guest count, equipment needs, etc.. In many cases the cost is significantly higher than the listed averages—occasionally into the five-figure range. When clients book Chris Poynter, they are booking him because he fits a specific vision for their event, and they are willing and able to pay what it takes to fulfil that vision.


It is important to critically evaluate what you are paying for when you book a DJ. Be wary of businesses with high prices who use catch-phrases to sell themselves, without actually showing you evidence of what they can do as a DJ. If a DJ says they are "award winning," what exactly did they do to earn that award? Who nominated them? Who were they up against? If someone is selling themselves as an "industry leader," can they provide evidence of who's following their lead and how it will make a difference to your event? When someone says they have the "most five star reviews," what are they offering their clients as incentives for reviews? And what does it actually mean when a company offers a "boutique" DJ service!?


Chris Poynter sets his own prices. Gratuities are never expected.

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