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  • What is your experience? How many events have you done?
    I have been hired to DJ hundreds of events over the span of my career. Usually I will get booked for 1-to-3 weddings per weekend from May to October, and during the rest of the year I’ll do a handful of corporate functions, school dances, and other special events each month. On top of these “regular” gigs, I have DJ’d in many other contexts as well: nightclubs and bars, intergenerational family dances, kids parties, fundraisers, ethnic events (East Indian, Sri Lankan, Greek, Polynesian, Turkish, Romanian)… you name it!
  • What is your pricing?
    The minimum pricing is listed for each service under the "Services" tab on the website menu, and you can find some averages below. Expect to pay a premium to hire Chris Poynter. You'll be glad you did! Chris Poynter's prices are a reflection of his experience, expertise, equipment, flexibility, and the high quality production-level service he provides. He doesn't sell himself by painting an inflationary picture of his business, but instead, strives to show you exactly who he is and what he can do, supported by a large variety of real life examples such as photos, videos, and live mix demonstrations. Things that can influence the cost include the date of your event, location / venue, number of hours, guest count, equipment needs, etc.. In some cases the cost is significantly higher than the listed averages—occasionally into the five-figure range. When clients book Chris Poynter, they are booking him because he fits a specific vision for their event, and they are willing and able to pay what it takes to fulfil that vision. ​ Chris Poynter sets his own prices. Gratuities are never expected. While every event generally has its own unique needs, and are thus priced accordingly, here are some averages you can expect to pay: ​ Weddings $2000 (minimum); $3500 (average) Corporate $1500 (minimum); $2000 (average) Private Party $1000 (minimum); $1500 (average) AV Service Please get in touch for pricing Elementary School Dance $800 (minimum); $800 (average) Middle / High School Dance $1000 (minimum); $2000 (average) ​ Community Event $800 (minimum); $1500 (average)
  • Do you actually mix? Or you one of those DJs that just hits the ‘play’ button?
    I can mix, scratch, and do lots of super funky things with the beats to make you shake your booty! When you hire me you can rest assured that I am a legit DJ. I should also add that I am also a formally trained jazz and classical musician (trumpet, guitar, piano) so I understand the theory behind the music. This means that I’m not just matching the beats and fading from song to song, but crafting a musical journey that sounds great and makes logical musical sense!
  • How do I book you? What type of payment do you accept?
    I require a non-refundable deposit to secure my services for your event. This amount is usually 50% of the total cost, and is subtracted from the total cost, the remainder being due before the start of your event. Once you’ve paid your deposit, you will receive a receipt/invoice, and I also have a full contract we will both sign. My preferred method of payment is Interac eTransfer (or other online bank transfers), but I can also accept PayPal, cash, and cheques. I do not accept credit cards at this time.
  • How far will you travel?
    I am based in Greater Victoria, and am willing to travel anywhere! If your event is out of town, there will be applicable travel (and possibly F&B + accomodation) charges.
  • How far ahead should I book you?
    As soon as you know you're going to need a DJ! I typically start receiving wedding bookings a year-and-a-half in advance, and other bookings a few months to a year in advance. My repeat corporate customers and schools often book me for next year's event as soon as the current year's event is finished.
  • Do you take requests?
    Of course! I always encourage a written list that gives me an indication of your favourite tunes, artists and genres; in fact, all my wedding clients receive a Music Planner PDF that walks them through their music step-by-step. Doing this helps me to get an idea of what you are looking for at your event. Ideally I would suggest a maximum of 25 tracks or artists on your list to ensure I can incorporate other requests and have a balanced event; but ultimately, how I select the music is up to you. I will, of course, also play reasonable and fitting suggestions from your guests at the function to ensure they too can hear their favourite tunes. Also, don't forget that I am an experienced DJ who is fluent at “reading the crowd” so it’s always a good idea to leave some of the musical direction to me. After all… you’re paying for it!
  • Tell me about your music?
    I have a huge digital music library containing songs in a wide variety of genres, and I update it on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. I am a member of several professional record pools and all my music is legally purchased. I am extremely flexible with what I play, and can mix pretty much anything you desire. As well as having an amazing selection of classics, I stay up-to-date by following all the top charts for rock, pop, hip hop, EDM, dance, country, rock, etc.
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have back-up gear?
    I use up-to-date professional DJ, audio, and lighting equipment, and I do indeed have back-up equipment in case something goes wrong at your event. Although in my entire career, this has not yet happened... knock on wood! Check out my social media pages to see the various pro audio and lighting rigs I have at my disposal, and don't hesitate to ask if you have a specific vision you want to fulfill. Some of the brands I use are RCF, JBL, Chauvet, ADJ, X-Laser, Ape Labs, Pioneer, Shure, Sennheiser, Allen & Heath, Yamaha, Elation, DPA, AKG, K&M, Rode, Audio-Technica, ElectroVoice, and Global Truss.
  • Do you have a contract? Are you insured?
    Absolutely. We will both sign a legally binding contract at the time of booking. I also have $2,000,000 in liability insurance. I like to do things properly so we both have peace of mind.
  • When do you set up?
    I typically show up 2-4 hours before the event is supposed to begin, depending on what needs to get done. My set-up does not take as long as I'll ask for in my contract, but I like to have some breathing room in case I need to run extra cables or something. If your event is in the same part of town that I live in, I will sometimes set up in the morning, and return in the evening for your event, if the venue allows it.
  • What happens if you get sick, or have some kind of emergency?
    While I cannot 100% guarantee a replacement, I have a network of several other DJs in town who I would ask to step in for me at the same cost or less. In fact, in my entire career this has only happened once (when my wife went into labour) and I was able to secure a replacement DJ for the client. Having said that, my contract stipulates that if I am unable to procure a replacement, my liability is limited exclusively to the return of any monies paid.
  • Can you MC my wedding for me?
    I always recommend that my clients get someone who knows them well to take care of the MC duties (after all, they know you best!), but if you're stuck, I would be honoured to be your MC. Approximately 20% of my clients bestow this duty upon me. I am a career teacher by day and have also taken a professional public speaking course, so I am confident and comfortable addressing groups of people. I have also been part of hundreds of events in my career, so I have an in-depth understanding of how to keep a timeline moving to ensure a successful event. My fee for MC duties is very minimal. I do not meet with you multiple times before the event and try to "get to know you" to make it more personal. My role as your MC is to be a communication facilitator to ensure that everything happens when and how you want it to. Sometimes I might even make you and your guests laugh. 😉
  • Is it customary to tip my DJ?
    NO!!! If your DJ is running their own business, that means they are also setting their own prices at a level that they feel is necessary to (1) run their business, (2) profit as a business, and (3) reflect their level of service. If your DJ tells you it is "customary" to leave a tip, do yourself a favour and run the other way. If you feel *drawn* to leave a tip because you were *so incredibly happy* with the DJ service, then that is your prerogative. But to be completely honest, the best tip you can give is a positive review on Google. 🙂
  • Can I choose what you wear to my wedding?
    I am an adult and can make these sorts of decisions on my own; but thanks for asking! Although if you're offering to buy me a new suit...............
  • I found a DJ who charges a fraction of your cost! Can you match their price?
    Would you ask your caterer to match the price of a Happy Meal?
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